Napa Valley Painter Gail Chandler is a self-taught artist who launched directly into a successful art career in 2003.  In Chandlers’ oils she attempts to trigger a memory, a giggle and maybe even bring out the mischievously naughty side of all of us.  Chandler finds the humor in life and translates it remarkably well through her paintings.  Chandlers’ work matches her quirky side.  One could argue that her missed calling in life could have been stand up comedy.  Her painting style is unique.   Rather than producing a standard academic still life, her work makes you feel as though you’re  experiencing a dialogue between old friends with things that are implied but not explicit.                                                                                     Chandler is pushing the boundaries of contemporary realism with every stroke of the brush.

Gail is represented by;
Gallery 1870 in the Napa Valley  800-322-1870

Gallery inquiries welcome - 707-246-6089